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A Glittering Future in Jewellery

A Glittering Future in Jewellery

After being a member of GMB for three years, Angela Houston decided that she wanted to learn some computing and technology skills to help set up her own business and GMB ReachOut was more than happy to help her.

Ange (as she prefers to be known) enrolled on to an ICT training programme via GMB ReachOut, which allowed her to gain her City & Guilds ICT certificates at levels 1, 2 and 3 -an amazing achievement!

Ange has now set up her own jewellery business. 'The Houston Charm' makes bespoke charms and pendants and Ange donates a fixed amount from each item sold to the charity The Pink Ribbon Foundation, which works to support breast cancer charities.

You can visit Ange's website at and for details and to see the jewellery Ange is making.

Margaret Seger, GMB ReachOut Project Worker for the Region, commented: 'It was a delight to assist with Ange's training and mentoring. I'd like to wish her every success with her new business.'

Senior Project Worker Dave Flanagan said 'Ange has demonstrated that with the right support redundancy isn't always a negative experience and can be turned on its head. Ange attended IT sessions at the Preston GMB Learning Centre alongside friends and colleagues which gave her the IT skills she needed to complement her artistic talents in producing jewellery.'