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John- Runcorn Work Club

John was made redundant from ASM Engineering in 2012 after working at the company for 42 years. Due to his age at the time, retirement was not an option and he therefore needed to find and secure new employment. For John, this was a daunting feeling as he had been continually employed within the manufacturing sector for such a long period of time and was not sure where to begin looking for work or how to complete application forms.

Following his redundancy, John began to find it difficult to find alternative work and realised he would need to gain some new skills to improve his chances of securing employment.

John first attended the GMB Reachout workclub at Halton Lea Library in September 2015. He initially came for support with online job searching as he did not feel his computer skills were at the level they needed to be to look and apply for work effectively. At first he felt very uncertain about new employment, as at this point he had not worked for 3 years and was concerned that his age would act as a barrier.

Very soon, John was attending thr workclub on a weekly basis and began to use the Halton Workclub Network 3 to 4 times a week for support. At the library, John received a high level of focused support to assist him to reduce and remove the barriers he was facing regarding re-entering employment. While attending the workclub, John received support re-developing his CV and applying for online vacancies as well as being sign posted to opportunities when suitable.

John states he is very happy with the level of support he has received from the GMB Reachout workclub and the rest of the network.

"I find the workclub staff welcoming and accommodating and I am treated very well by Joanne (Reachout) and Vanessa (Riverside.)"

John feels that his confidence has increased massively since he has been attending.

"I have also benefited from attending the workclub on a personal level as I feel more confident socialising and have met a great number of new people through attending the workclub."

John will continue to attend the GMB Reachout workclub on a weekly basis. He does not have internet access at home and the central location of the library is convenient for him. Having seen other individuals of a similar age in the workclub gaining employment, John feels less apprehensive and more confident about the possibility of successfully becoming employed in the near future.