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Pollocks to Redundancy

Pollocks to RedundancyPollocks to Redundancy

Jitendra had worked at Tetrad plc in Preston for 10 years, progressing from a role as a semi-skilled operator to a Team Leader position. On being notified that his position was to be made redundant, Jitendra contacted his Union Learner Representative who put him in touch with GMB Reach Out.

The highest qualification Jitendra had achieved was an NVQ Level 1 in Production several years earlier. He also held a fork lift truck licence and food hygiene certificate. Jitendra used the opportunity arising from his redundancy to consider starting his own business but felt he lacked sufficient skills in managing and tracking income and expenditure to run a business successfully. Jitendra also wanted to familiarise himself generally with word processing and other ICT packages to help him become more efficient and effective in running a business.

Jitendra's tutor devised a bespoke spreadsheet course so that he could prioritise gaining skills most relevant to him ahead of the imminent opening of his business. As Jitendra felt he would not have the time to achieve a full, nationally recognised qualification before his business opened, it was agreed that he would follow a non-accredited course but develop his knowledge using the same learning materials as those for learners on accredited courses.

Jitendra attended weekly one-to-one training sessions at a GMB Learning Hub. With the benefit of closely supported tuition Jitendra made rapid progress through his course, quickly working through various Excel tasks and assignments to develop his skills and confidence in the use of spreadsheet software. This included devising formulas to calculate income over expenditure, creating charts and producing what-if scenarios, all related to his desire to manage the financial side of his business effectively.

Jitendra completed his course on April 18th just ahead of launching his business, Jit's Plaice, on 22nd April.

"Without GMB Reach Out I would not have met my tutor and gained skills which will be extremely useful in helping me manage my accounts and the financial operation of the fish and chip shop."  Jitendra Panchal