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You're Never Too Old To Learn

You're Never Too Old To Learn

Thanks to the hard work of the ULR's at Wincanton (Wigan) a learning facility has been established on site allowing all members to access learning opportunities on site. Paul Platt team leader in the warehouse shares his story;


"I am a 43 year old computer novice who was brought up on feet and inches, pen and paper. Computers were something kids played games on. Until my employment took me into warehousing where everything is computer based, a daunting task .

Then out of the blue came an idiots guide to computers, just up my street, how to turn it on , what a keyboard is, what a PC is etc. I've been employed at this Wigan Wincanton site for 8 years and this is the first real opportunity the company has given me to get a recognizable qualification to help me gain and improve my skills within the company.


I am currently a team leader in the warehouse and also cover the operations support for transport. The transport side of my employment gives me a wider range of the Freighter computer system. (transport system).


Since the course began I have picked up a few short cuts and tips, still not the most graceful of typists but can get by with my two little digits one on each hand. I am most looking forward to the next stages of the course creating my own spreadsheets and how they work. I will continue to gain as much knowledge and go as far as I can to gain the highest qualifications possible. You're never too old to learn new skills.